Crowd Funding for a Compulsive Spender

Update on progress for the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: 168 days written!

In response to my last post about deciding not to fund an art business with my savings, someone was kind enough to suggest creating a Kick Starter or similar type of crowd funding campaign to help offset the costs. My internal response has been interesting in the time since reading this comment.

Of course, I love this idea. How romantic to think of strangers coming to my rescue to fund my vision! I had a small list of items I felt I needed to really move forward … until my addict mind began percolating. From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand in milliseconds. I thought ahead, light years ahead.

And then, there was the issue of the video. It’s clear that one must have a video. And after looking at just a few campaigns, it was also clear that sitting in my pajamas at my desk with low light surrounding me wouldn’t cut it.

Of course I couldn’t do this myself! Thus began an investigation into hiring a videographer to do the explanation video.  And they do exist … for $1,500 to $5,000.

Back to doing it myself, which led to complete demoralization when I compared myself to everyone else.

And then, I thought about the fact that most campaigns have a social good aspect. But mine was completely self-serving. Which makes me want to puke.

There actually is a potential “social good” component to this work, but it is in the background for the moment, because unless I can achieve some measure of success in selling my artwork, there isn’t much I can pass on to others with credibility.

Round and round I went. Greed and “less than”-ism fighting it out. Peace was nowhere to be found.

So for today, I am letting it lie. I do not need to purchase anything else for the business today.

And tomorrow, the artwork will be in the gallery.

Crowd funding is still in my head, percolating. But I know that when I try to force my will, it never goes well. I know that I can create a decent video if I just put forth the effort to figure it out. And I know that I need to get right-minded about my expectations and desires before I can move forward. If I want to do this right, I need to be willing to do this at a slower pace, in my Higher Power’s time, not mine.




5 thoughts on “Crowd Funding for a Compulsive Spender

  1. FYI crowd funding isn’t just magic – you can’t just expect to put something up there without a pretty huge investment of effort and a large clientele/friend base. And, if you go with one of the companies that don’t make you meet your entire goal, you are paying up to 10% in fees. It’s cheaper if you have one that you have to reach a goal, but then you might not receive any money, and will be wasting your time.

    • Natasha, thanks so much for adding that reality check and perspective. It also seems to me that if you have all those friends who could give you the money, why not just ask them instead of going to all that trouble? 🙂 On the other hand, there is a component to this that just feels like begging, which also makes me uncomfortable.

  2. Hi Sober,
    Thank you for your work on behalf of debtors.

    I, too, have considered a crowdfunding campaign. However, it seems to me that committing to rewards, in exchange for funding could be considered debting. My understanding is that unless you already have the rewards produced, you are receiving unsecured funds until the rewards are shipped.

    For me, I would need the funds to produce the rewards.

    Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Sharon, that is an interesting point. In my case, I already have hundreds of pieces of finished artwork available as rewards. Would that be any different than someone paying for an item and then you send it to them? This is really very interesting to look at all sides of this. I am leaning toward not proceeding as it seems to have sticky issues all the way around.

      • Hi Sober,
        Your situation makes much more sense as you already have the inventory to ship. That does not appear to be debting as I understand it. Mine, however, still seems to be.

        I do get your conundrum around funding the video. As you’ve written, your HP has a way for each of us to do it soberly. More will be revealed…

        Thanks, again.

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