Lessons Learned

Some of you may have read my blog posts about the debacle of trying to sell my artwork. It was a disaster from day one. Yesterday, I had to retrieve my art from the gallery as it was the last day before I’d have to pay for another three months.

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

I became gratefully willing to sell the expensive printer I bought to make the art prints and greeting cards I was sure would fly off the shelves. It seemed like a lot of work to put it online for sale and I felt I would never sell it for enough to make it worthwhile. And there was this lingering, ridiculous thought that maybe I would use the printer one day. But my gut told me it had to go. So I just did the next right thing. And after two weeks, it finally sold on Ebay. With the rebate I received, I came out at only about $75 out of pocket for the printer. That was a miracle.

So, from over $2200, I am now out $1525. Ouch. But it’s time to stop beating myself up about it all. I didn’t debt. And I didn’t spend down my savings. THAT is a miracle.
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“One Member, One Action” Day to Celebrate DA’s Anniversary

The DA World Service Conference Public Information Committee and the World Service Conference Diversity Caucus are suggesting a “One Member, One Action” day on April 15 to celebrate its anniversary. It’s really just a reminder to make a conscious effort to practice one Step Twelve action on this day. The emphasis is on newcomers, so maybe you could reach out to a newcomer on the phone or at a meeting.

I’m going to reprint the article from the Ways and Means Quarter 1, 2015 issue below. Click here to access the entire issue (PDF file).

One Member, One Action Day: Carrying the Message of D.A. on April 15

The founders of Debtors Anonymous (D.A.) established our Fellowship on April 15 – a day many in the United States fear because tax returns are due. The choice of date made a statement that this 12 Step program would be a spiritual solution for creating prosperous lives, unencumbered by fear.

To commemorate the Fellowship’s founding, a growing number of D.A. members participate in One Member, One Action Day on April 15 each year. On this day, we collectively practice Step Twelve with each member taking one action to carry the message of recovery. Groups may also act together, choosing an action and/or actions as suggested in Tradition Five: “Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the debtor who still suffers.”

When newcomers arrive (and they will when you Carry the Message), help them feel welcome. Ask for their number and call them. The World Service Conference Public Information Committee and the World Service Conference Diversity Caucus invite you to practice these actions on One Member, One Action Day, April 15, and beyond, as we begin to celebrate D.A.’s 40th Anniversary year!
—D.A. World Service Conference Public Information Committee

Abstinence and Solvency Revisited

It was brought to my attention, yet again, that in my Daily Reader samples, I used the term “abstinence” to define refraining from unsecured debting and compulsive spending one day at a time, but there is a continuing debate over whether the correct term is abstinent or solvent. I addressed this previously on the blog, but wanted to add some additional thoughts that I have included in the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders (291 days written as of today, 71 left to write!). Here are those thoughts from the book:
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