The Daily Reader is Done!

Yesterday, I finished writing #366 for The Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders. There were originally supposed to be 365 daily readings, but a topic was suggested to me that hadn’t been covered, so I decided to do a reading for leap year. :)

The cover is completed and I couldn’t be happier with it. Kit Foster of Kit Foster Designs did a fantastic job. I’m just waiting for the final edits to come in from an amazing DA friend who has donated her time to edit the book. There’s good chance I’ll get the final edits by Saturday. If so, the book should be available in paperback on all Amazon channels (US and International) by May 1st and in numerous electronic versions.

Click here to read samples from the book.

Stay tuned!

Can You Relate to This?

I came across this post on a blog called “Plenty of Time, Money, and Love,” and it was so raw, honest, and true for me that I couldn’t breathe when I read it. The shame we experience. The self-flagellation. The dishonesty. The manipulation.

We cannot outwit this disease. It will always catch up with us until we get willing to get sober. Kudos to this member in recovery. It takes a lot of courage to face the truth.

Here is the post: I am a Debt Addict Article on “Online Shopping Addiction”

I just read an article from by Leah Bourne about what she calls “shopping addiction.” To begin with, I was quite sad that the author barely gave a nod to recovery, throwing in one line at the end about it, writing, “Looking into therapy or support groups is a good place to start.”
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