Recorded YNAB for DA Members Workshop (Accounts)

The workshop went very well and I’m so excited that the recording worked! Now, aside from my sounding like Daffy Duck, I’m hopeful that this recording can help anyone, even a complete beginner. I really tried to keep it simple and resolve the issues that seem to be problematic for DA members.

Total time is 1:21 (one hour and 21 minutes). The great part is that you can stop and rewind as needed.
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REMINDER! YNAB for DA Members Workshop Tomorrow

I will be conducting a free conference call tomorrow (Sunday, 11/8/15) from 2:00 PM EST to 3:30 PM EST to walk you through the Register portion of using YNAB. This workshop is specifically geared toward the tasks DA members need.

No need to register; just call in! 2:00 PM EST to 3:30 PM EST
If you cannot make it, I will HOPEFULLY be able to record the call and will post it later, so you can follow along at your convenience.

Here is the call-in information:
Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3580
Access Code: 479117

International callers
Click here for a PDF with associated country numbers.

What you will need

* A working copy of YNAB on your computer.
* Pen and paper to take notes

You can either work in your existing YNAB spending plan or create a new plan along with me for the workshop. NOTE: YNAB calls it a “budget,” so I will use that terminology though we know ours is a spending plan! šŸ™‚

Here is the Agenda:

  1. Walkthrough to create a new budget
  2. Where to save your YNAB Spending Plan
  3. Auto-download transactions or not?
  4. Setting up on and off budget accounts
  5. Entering transactions with and without a check number
  6. Transferring between accounts
  7. Dealing with cash
  8. Splitting transactions
  9. Scheduling recurring transactions
  10. Reconciling with your bank account (CRUCIAL!)

There will definitely be time for questions.

If people find this helpful, there will be a second workshop dealing with the spending plan side of YNAB for DA members.

Hope to “see” you there tomorrow!

Tracking Sporadic Income

Those who live on a regular paycheck can easily create a spending plan because they know exactly how much money they will receive and when.

However, those who earn money on a sporadic basis may feel that creating a spending plan is daunting. Such people include freelance writers, therapists, contract programmers, coaches, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is paid by the project or hour. Such people often say there is no way they know what they will make month by month.

But this does not have to be an insurmountable obstacle. Here are two tips to make tracking sporadic income easier:

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Living in the Next Month

In DA, we live in today. Truly, that is all we have. Yet, living in the next month, or what YNAB calls “the buffer” has been life-changing for me.

Imagine not having to dig through the sofa for change so you can buy food the day before your next paycheck arrives! Imagine that you have all the money for the month on the 1st, instead of having it look great on paper, but not in real cash flow.

Well, you can! This concept works for people who receive a regular paycheck as well as for those who are paid sporadically.

It may be very challenging to do when you first start DA, but can be done over time and is well worth your effort.

Here is the concept: Whatever money you earn in one month gets spent in the next month. (Here is YNAB’s explanation).

This way, you never have to worry mid-month that you have money on paper, but not enough for groceries today because you don’t get that next paycheck until tomorrow.
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