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(Scroll down for most recent posts) This website contains HUNDREDS of articles to help you work a program of recovery around compulsive spending and debting. Topics range from setting up a spending plan to working the steps to dealing with relationships in recovery … and much more! Pick a category from the Sidebar, type a topic in the “Search the Site” box, or just scroll down to read the most recent posts. The articles on this website were written by Susan B., a recovering compulsive spender and debtor. You can read about her recovery journey here.

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The Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders

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The Five Year Recovery Journal



I’m Back (Sort of)…

Well, that experiment (staying off technology) didn’t work very well, but I’m now working with a Physical Therapist (PT) who is expert in dizziness. During this time, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to the blog. I’m not really any better, but the new PT insists that staying off the computer is the worst thing I could do.


So I hope to have a real post shortly.

Stay tuned.

A (Hopefully) Brief Hiatus

For the next 30 days, at least, I’m going to be offline. If you have followed the blog, you know I have been disabled by dizziness/lightheadedness since 2010. Lately, it has really become unbearable and gets much worse on the computer.

In 2013, I had a consult with Dr. Smith, a UK doctor (http://www.me-cfs-treatment.com) who believes that visual/mental processing (computer, reading, TV, writing, phone, etc.) needs to be drastically reduced (i.e., eliminated) to heal issues like mine. I wasn’t willing for two years, but now, I’m desperate because it has gone on for so long and is getting worse.

This is really going to be tough! But I’m so tired of being disabled by dizzines that I need to give this extreme treatment approach a real try. I’m figuring out the logistics, so will probably start Sunday or Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the path to finally finding some relief.

Dr. Smith says that this is just a temporary pause to allow the body to heal. So I’m hoping to be back in weeks, not months!

In the meantime, you’ll find hundreds of posts with information, inspiration, instructions, and guidance to help you work your DA program, the tools, and Steps. Click the Posts by Title tab in the Navigation menu, scan the sidebar for topics by category, or search for your topic.

And check out the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders and Five Year Recovery Journal for daily inspiration you can carry with you.

In the meantime, my hopes for all of us are to stay committed to living within our means without incurring new unsecured debt one day at a time no matter what challenges we face!

New Debtors Anonymous 12 Step Booklet

Here is the information about the brand new booklet that took 15 years to come to fruition:

With deepest gratitude, Debtors Anonymous is pleased to announce the availability of our own conference-approved Step book: The Twelve Steps of the Debtors Anonymous

Available in a booklet format, this work is the result of 15 years of loving collaboration between members of our Fellowship and a Higher Power that guides us.

Each booklet sells for $7.00 a piece; 10 booklets for $60.00; or 20 booklets for $100.00. Literature Order forms can be found at the Debtors Anonymous website or by clicking here for a printable PDF form.

Please share at your meetings.

Click here for a sample page (PDF).

DA Fellowship Day 8/8/15

This year’s DA World Service Fellowship Day phone conference will focus on the Twelve Steps. To be added to the DA phone list and receive these announcements, go to DebtorsAnonymous.org. The signup form is in the middle of the Home page.

Here are the details:

2015 D.A. World Service Conference
WSC Fellowship Day Workshops Again Offered By Phone

For the fifth year in a row, a portion of the Fellowship Day at the annual Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference will be available to D.A. members worldwide via telephone conference call.
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