Can You Out-Earn Your Disease?

I heard this expression recently and cannot stop thinking about whether it would be possible to earn enough that I would no longer be a compulsive debtor. But the problem is that I’m not just a compulsive debtor, I’m a compulsive spender as well. Continue reading

Is Your Life Unmanageable?

Without the admission that your life has become unmanageable around money, you will never embrace the program of Debtors Anonymous and recover.

Step 1 states: “We admitted we were powerless over debt–that our lives had become unmanageable.”
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Fear of Death

This may seem like a strange topic. How does fear of death relate to our DA program? For me, this has been a longstanding issue that permeates how I live my life.
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Bigger is Not Always Better

Bigger is not always better. That is certainly the truth about my life. With my recovery and then my chronic illness, my life grew small in ways measured by our fame-craving, success-seeking society. But for me, the smaller it has grown, the more opportunity I have had to develop spiritually and artistically. And that is a great gift.
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Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day for focusing on being grateful. In DA recovery, we strive for gratitude every day. Seeking to find within ourselves, and expressing, gratitude is an integral part of all 12 Step programs.
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