The Day After Thanksgiving – The Day for Amateurs

In AA, they say that New Year’s Eve is the night for amateurs. In Overeaters Anonymous, Halloween and Thanksgiving are both deemed as such. And for compulsive debtors, there is no question that the day after Thanksgiving, known as the single biggest retail day of the year, is certainly the compulsive debting, spending, and shopping day for the amateurs in the world.
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Prosperity & Abundance Don’t Always Mean Cash

Nowhere in the Steps or literature does it say that we will become financially wealthy and successful because we are sober with money. What the DA literature does say in the promises is (#4): “We will begin to live a prosperous life, unencumbered by fear, worry, resentment, or debt.” and (#7): “We will recognize that there is enough; our resources will be generous and we will share them with others and with DA.” The AA promises say on page 84 of the Big Book is that fear of people and of economic insecurity may leave us.
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Program as Practice

I have come to see working my DA program as a practice. This has come up strongly for me in my current work on Steps 6 & 7. Just FYI, I am reading Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects along with the Big Book and 12 & 12 to do this work.

What do I mean by practice? Let me first explain by using meditation as an example.
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Do I deserve that?

What constitutes a luxury?

I was surprised that I came up against this issue the other day when I was buying clothes. This is embarrassing to confess, but I have slept in clothes for decades. Since I pretty much just wear sweats and t-shirts, I usually end up sleeping in them. But I’ve longed for nightgowns and pajamas, yet felt they were frivolous luxuries. I thought that if I have a limited amount of money for clothing, it needs to be spent on clothes used in the world, not to just slip into bed wearing.
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Giving Service at Meetings

Yesterday, I wrote about service burnout. In that post, I mentioned how one can give service at a meeting, thereby fulfilling two program requirements in one.
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