Giving Service at Meetings

Yesterday, I wrote about service burnout. In that post, I mentioned how one can give service at a meeting, thereby fulfilling two program requirements in one.
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Why 3 Slips & You are Dropped?

It is suggested to sponsors working the DA program using the H.O.W. format that if a sponsee slips three times, the sponsor drops the sponsee. A slip, as I understand it, would be:
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Calling Your Sponsor on Time

I wanted to write about this because it is something I feel strongly about. This topic may seem petty to a newcomer, but I am hoping to clarify why this is such an important part of recovery.
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Meaning of H.O.W.

What is the meaning of the H.O.W. part of DA H.O.W.?

H Stands for Honesty

In all 12 step programs, honesty is the cornerstone.
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Day 2 and Beyond Without a Sponsor

In my last post, I showed you what it takes to have your first day of abstinence in DA using the H.O.W. approach when you don’t yet have a sponsor. So what next?

For days two and beyond, you continue with the daily practice of:
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If You are New and Don’t Have a Sponsor…

I wanted to write a post specific to the issue of what to do if you don’t have a sponsor and want to work DA using the H.O.W. approach. Although this is covered in the post Sponsors are Not Your Higher Power, I think it bears more discussion.

It is especially challenging for newcomers to become motivated enough to get started without a sponsor because, after all, you aren’t sure what to do and want guidance. So you may keep waiting to begin. However, all of us have had to continue our daily program without a sponsor at one time or another. Newcomers just need some guidance on exactly what to do to get started. So I am going to tell you, which means that there is no longer an excuse to get on the road to a new and better life right now! 🙂

Remember, you are committed to recovery and a Higher Power, not to a person.
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Sovency and Abstinence

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there are some in DA who take issue with the way we work the tools in DA HOW and one of the complaints is that we use the word abstinence instead of solvency.
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