A 12 Step Prayer Book … and What’s Next

Now that the Daily Reader is finished, I’ve been thinking about some other book ideas. Right now, I’m working on two of them that should be done in a few weeks. I’ll be posting more details as they near completion.

As a part of that process, I thought about creating a 12 Step Prayer Book. Over the years, I’ve basically just typed or cobbled together what I could find.
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Cash and Prizes

I’ve had a misconception of what recovery from compulsive debting and spending means. Somehow I thought that sobriety with money guaranteed me financial wealth, security, and monetary reward (along with the fame that I craved). As if that Higher Power I was urged to believe in was really “HP Santa,” whose sole job was to reward me as I saw fit for being a “good girl” and doing the right thing.

How wrong I was.
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The Retention Department

If you don’t know about “The Retention department,” you are missing out on savings for services many of us use. The Retention department is the last stop when you are going to leave your current cable, Internet, or phone provider. You can actually request to speak to someone in this department, and I have saved a lot of money over the years by negotiating with them.

So, here’s what happened the other day. The promotions on our current services were about to expire. Our services were going to go from about $160/month (a ridiculous amount to pay) to CHOKE, GASP — $250 (an obscene amount to pay)!
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Inciting a Riot

A DA friend recently helped me see how I was creating unnecessary suffering for myself. While she wasn’t speaking about me in our conversation, her words seeped deep down inside me, creating a growing disturbance until I realized that I was doing the very thing she described. (Please bear with me as I walk you through the path to exactly what I mean.)
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A Debt is a Debt is a Debt

Recently, I’ve been hearing murmurings that some debts, like those for medical bills, don’t qualify as unsecured debt and shouldn’t impact our solvency date. Well, I think that’s kind of silly. Just because we don’t want to begin our “day count” over doesn’t mean that we delude ourselves into thinking that an unsecured debt doesn’t count as one.
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A History Lesson

I started reading the new edition of the Currency of Hope, the Debtors Anonymous book describing its program of recovery and containing stories of recovery. I began reading the chapter covering the history of Debtors Anonymous. I’ve read this information before, but this time, I had a revelation.

If you don’t know DA’s history, it’s quite interesting. The original members had a very hard time figuring out the bottom line of our addiction. They thought, at various times, the problem was due to a lack of saving, will power, and more. But despite trying a variety of methods to address the addiction, such as committing to daily deposits into savings accounts, members were not recovering.
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Can You Relate to This?

I came across this post on a blog called “Plenty of Time, Money, and Love,” and it was so raw, honest, and true for me that I couldn’t breathe when I read it. The shame we experience. The self-flagellation. The dishonesty. The manipulation.

We cannot outwit this disease. It will always catch up with us until we get willing to get sober. Kudos to this member in recovery. It takes a lot of courage to face the truth.

Here is the post: I am a Debt Addict