The FREE Fearless Budgeting Training Program is Live!

The Fearless Budgeting Training Program for Compulsive Spenders has officially launched with this blog post!

I have to say that creating this training program took so much longer than I anticipated (six months instead of two) because I found that there was more and more that I needed to tell you, but I’m hoping this will be a helpful resource for compulsive spenders seeking to create and learn how to use a spending plan.

The program is comprised of two audio/text courses:

  1. Foundational Course: Creating Your Spending Plan (26 lessons – 2 hours, 22 minutes), and
  2. Working with Your Spending Plan (24 lessons – 3 hours, 19 minutes of audio and 1 hour of videos)

There are 50 audio lessons total in the program, and each can be completed in a week or two. There is a workbook for the foundational course you can download in both PDF and Excel formats. The Excel workbook contains automated calculations. For those who are paid weekly, there is an additional Excel workbook in the “Working with Your Spending Plan” course. Finally, there is a resources PDF document with links mentioned throughout the course.

There are a few ways to access the course:

Free Online Version

Both courses are free to access online. There is an audio for each lesson and you can also read the associated text (with screenshots, when applicable). You can also download the Excel and PDF workbooks and resources handout in this version. You can always email me with questions, or leave questions or comments in the student discussion forum and I’ll answer them there.

Paid Option: Download the Audios

Some people prefer to listen to audios offline. For a small fee, you can download all the audios in mp3 format. Each course is contained in a zipped file. I’ve also included the mp4 video of my spending plan process and all the handouts and workbooks for convenience.

Please note that there are no refunds for the audio download. Since the online program is already free, please listen to the audios online first to be sure you want to purchase the downloadable audio package. It’s just a convenience for those who want to listen offline. But the free version may well be all you need.

Paid Option: Print or Kindle Version

While you can read each lesson within the free online version, some people simply prefer working with a book. So I took the transcript and edited it to create a stand-alone book.

To Learn More or Enroll

Read more about the Fearless Budgeting Training Program for Compulsive Spenders.

Enroll in the training program now

After working on this project for six months, I’m so excited to finally be able to offer this program to you. I would love your feedback. Please leave a review in Amazon if you read the book or rate the course online if you take it there.

I’m considering other types of support options, such as “open office hours” where you can join me on a phone conference line to ask questions and get more personalized support. Sign up for email updates as these options become available.

Thank you for walking the path of recovery with me.

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