Long Term Abstinence

I just happened on an amazing article from the third quarter 2013 issue of the Debtors Anonymous “Ways and Means” newsletter, entitled, “An Anniversary Question: What is Long Term Solvency?” It really gives a wonderful description of this state of being. Do you know there are now people with 30 or more years of solvency in DA! Imagine that!

The author of the article really made me want to read the updated and revised edition of “Currency of Hope” (rather than just keep it on my bookshelf). It contains stories from those long sober (20 or more years).

I’ll give the link to the article in a moment, but here is one lovely passage:

John H. and other early D.A.s talked repeatedly about their core concept that D.A. is a disease of “not enough,” a disease that manifests itself in overwhelming perceptions of not being enough or having enough in all areas of our lives.

The goal of the original program formulated by our founders was a spiritual awakening that would replace these crippling and tragic feelings of “not enough” with a deep reality of “enough” in our minds, souls, and bank accounts.

Boy, is that me! This article is just a treasure trove of inspiration.

I’m coming up on seven years of solvency in April. Now, I understand that I am still just a baby in this program. It gives me hope that some day, if I continue to live within my means, I will finally know the “deep reality of ‘enough’ in my mind, soul, and bank account.” In the meantime, my faith in this concept coming true for others can keep me sober with money until the miracle happens in my own life.

Here is a link to the newsletter. The story begins on page two.

[Note: Click here to access other issues of the “Ways and Means” newsletter. Unfortunately, they seem to have stopped writing it in 2015, but there is so much inspiration in the many issues that already exist!]

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