Launch of Web-Based YNAB!

Happy New Year to everyone!

A few days ago, someone told me that YNAB was launching a new, web-based subscription version that will be replacing their current YNAB4 desktop version. The subscription will cost $50/year or $5/month. If you currently have YNAB4, you will be eligible for a 10% discount ($45/year).

[In case you don’t know, YNAB stands for You Need a Budget and it is the software that I use to manage my spending plan. You can read more about why I love YNAB here.]

I had no clue that this was happening! I guess it’s out of sight, out of mind because apparently, I am no longer on their mailing list. And I just didn’t notice that I hadn’t heard from them for quite awhile.

So, as I sit here waiting for the ball to drop, ushering in 2016, I’m trying to catch up with this big news about YNAB.

No Need to Rush

First, please don’t feel you need to rush into this. For one thing, they are having issues with importing your YNAB4 budget into the new web-based system. And they will continue to update and support YNAB4 through 2016.

When I went to the website and tried to log in, I was very confused when my login didn’t work. Turns out you have to get a whole new login for the new YNAB. (Be sure to use the same email address you used when you originally bought YNAB so you can get the 10% discount.)

And to make matters even more confusing (at least for me), the new YNAB is called YNAB and the old YNAB is going to be called YNAB Classic. This particularly perplexed me when I installed the new Android App, because the icon looked just like the “classic” YNAB I already had installed.

Before you do anything, please take the time to read the last few YNAB blog posts. Doing so will clarify most of what confused me because I just launched in without reading it!

A New Beginning

Tomorrow, I’m going to create a brand new YNAB for 2016 in the web-based system.

To be honest, I’m really nervous about switching to the web-based version of YNAB. The DropBox version put a copy on my local computer so if there was an outage, I could still access my spending plan and it would automatically sync once I was online again.

I’m going to reserve any judgement until I’ve had a chance to really dig into the new system.

Once I have it all up and running, I’ll post more about my experience.


Wishing you all the best in 2016. May you have a year of prosperity, joy, financial sobriety, health, and peace.

2 thoughts on “Launch of Web-Based YNAB!

  1. Good Luck with that, no really! 🙂 I am just saddened that the YNAB team had to go to a subscription type deal, seems like most software developers are doing it. While it’s not a huge amount of money, when you begin to think of all the subscription services, and put them in the budget, it really starts to add up! Not a welcome trend at all. Still enjoying YNAB 4 “Classic” and it seems I will be enjoying it forever.

    • Hi Mark. Thanks for your comment. I’m actually in the midst of writing a detailed review of the web-based version. I agree that the world does seem to be moving in that direction and share your concern. And, as of today, there are a lot of issues that need addressing in the web-based version.

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