Recorded YNAB for DA Members Workshop (Accounts)

The workshop went very well and I’m so excited that the recording worked! Now, aside from my sounding like Daffy Duck, I’m hopeful that this recording can help anyone, even a complete beginner. I really tried to keep it simple and resolve the issues that seem to be problematic for DA members.

Total time is 1:21 (one hour and 21 minutes). The great part is that you can stop and rewind as needed.

Covered Topics

(Recording is below)
Here are the topics that are covered:

  1. Change your preferences so YNAB doesn’t automatically open the last budget (Recording was started mid-way through this topic, so missed the first step – Click File/Preferences)
  2. Walk-through to create a new budget
  3. Where to save your YNAB Spending Plan
  4. Auto-download transactions or not?
  5. Setting up on and off budget accounts
  6. Entering transactions with and without a check number
  7. Transferring between accounts
  8. Dealing with cash – for instance, taking it out of the ATM or when you get cash back from a store.
  9. Splitting transactions
  10. Scheduling recurring transactions
  11. Reconciling with your bank account
  12. Creating a Buffer
  13. Creating the spending plan document to give your PRG team to work with you during your PRG

Here is the Recording

Please note that I have not edited this audio at all. There are some great questions asked and answered, which I think will be helpful.


Upcoming Podcasts and Workshops

I am going to begin creating some podcasts on general topics of interest to DA members, such as bank reconciliation, categories, etc. And I will schedule another workshop on setting up categories in YNAB.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions after listening or suggestions for topics you’d like covered, please submit this form:

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