Announcing a New Book!

I’ve been working on a number of projects over the past month, which is why there have been so few posts. But I’m excited to announce that I’ve just published a new book:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]The Five Year Recovery Journal: A Sentence a Day, One Day at a Time is a really cool tool to help you track your journey. This book can be used for all addictions and for those who suffer from multiple addictions. It’s fun and easy to use. Just one sentence a day, or even a little drawing, will give you a profound picture of your recovery over time.

I just pushed the Amazon Publish button a few minutes ago, so it may take a day or so to show up. But I just couldn’t wait any longer to let you know. 🙂

Print version now available on Amazon for $9.99.

A PDF version is now available for $4.99 for those who prefer to print out the journal and put it in a notebook. Click here for more information and to order (Scroll down to the middle of the page).

The journal is long at 252 pages, but if you just print out one month at a time, it may work for you. I’ve thought about creating an interactive online PDF version, but that will be a ways down the road.

My dizziness has really skyrocketed with all this effort as have my migraines, which means there are days where I can do nothing on these projects or this blog, all of which mean so much to me. It’s frustrating, but I just proceed when I can. I’ve got some other books in the pipeline that will take a lot more time to finish. One of them I think is really needed in our Fellowship! More on that down the road.

Here are some sample pages (click to enlarge):

what copy

sample2 copy

Sample3 copy

Sample4 copy

Sample5 copy

4 thoughts on “Announcing a New Book!

  1. Whw what a wonderful book and also a great idea. I look forward to sharing thing and passing on some copies. THank you for your work, your journey, your recovery. You bless us all.

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