The Tool of Awareness

I must admit that I don’t usually focus on the tool of awareness. Compulsive debting and spending are all around us and I think I am somewhat desensitized.

But I just read a book that opened up my mind to some new ideas for increasing my awareness. The book is called “Bought Out and Spent! Recovery from Compulsive Shopping and Spending.” In it, author Terrence Shulman gives a lot of food for thought about awareness by including some great statistics and a list of movies to open our eyes.

I love documentaries, but never really thought about whether there were movies directly targeting our addiction. Here are the two from his list that seemed most interesting to me:

  1. Money as Debt: You can watch this one at no charge on YouTube
  2. Maxed Out: I found this one on Amazon.

So then, it got me thinking and I began searching around … and found some more!

  1. Shopaholic documentary
  2. Here’s a TV show I found called “My Shopping Addiction” on Oxygen
  3. In Debt We Trust on YouTube
  4. Life and Debt

Please bear in mind that I have not watched any of these movies yet, so I cannot vouch for how good they are. But what a fun way to increase our awareness! It’s about time that there is some coverage of this devastating addiction. Of course, it’s counter-productive, from the point of view of society and the media, to even admit there is such a problem. It’s like a snake eating its own tail. They depend on impulse buying and credit cards to keep them fed.

Do you know of any other movies or TV shows that could be helpful for compulsive debtors and spenders to watch to increase their awareness? Please leave your comment with any suggestions.

Note: You can read my review of “Bought Out and Spent” on Amazon.

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