Distracted to Distraction

My new favorite “guru” is Leo Babauta, who writes about doing less while accomplishing more. He really nails it when it comes to what my day is like. Despite being disabled, I’m still bombarded by unending distractions.

I stumbled upon him last week when I saw an article he wrote about distraction. It’s clearly yet another addiction meeting me head on. Babauta offers excellent tips to help overcome this difficult challenge. What I love is how he is so self-revealing. I nodded in recognition and relief throughout the article.

Compulsively researching products and window shopping online are examples of incredibly powerful distractions that affect compulsive spenders and debtors, even in recovery, which can keep us from spending time with our families or accomplishing other daily tasks.

I just saw that he is giving away a free ebook called “The One Skill: How Mastering the Art of Letting Go Will Change Your life” on his ZenHabits.net website.

It is so healing each time we discover that we are not terminally unique in our experience. And so lovely when people offer the gift of help for free.


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