A Debt is a Debt is a Debt

Recently, I’ve been hearing murmurings that some debts, like those for medical bills, don’t qualify as unsecured debt and shouldn’t impact our solvency date. Well, I think that’s kind of silly. Just because we don’t want to begin our “day count” over doesn’t mean that we delude ourselves into thinking that an unsecured debt doesn’t count as one.

So, while I’m truly committed to going to any lengths not to debt, if I was bleeding out on the sidewalk, I would definitely do whatever was necessary to save my life even if I didn’t have the cash to do so. That being said, I would recognize that I incurred an unsecured debt. Seriously, just because the money was spent on an emergency expenditure doesn’t mean it gets a free pass.

And, yes, this is certainly not compulsive debting, but it is absolutely an unsecured debt. So if it were me, I would have to say that I am back at day one (and, by the way, grateful to be alive). Sure, it would have been better if I had the time to have a PRG and figure out a way to save my life that didn’t involve debting. But we live life on life’s terms. There’s no shame in doing what must be done. The decision to debt under emergency circumstances isn’t the danger. It’s pretending we didn’t do so that could destroy the fabric of our recovery.

Believe me, I can really relate to this. As someone with multiple complicated and confusing health issues, I’m forever seeking medical help and finding that most of it is beyond my financial means. I just don’t incur unsecured debt even if I really, really, really, really want something, and that includes medical expenses I can’t afford (unless, as I said, death or something close to it would be the result). So if the day came that I believed so strongly that a medical procedure or service was going to heal me that I would give up my solvency and fill out that “Care” credit application, I would just have to work on acceptance of my choice and take responsibility for it.

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