And the Truth Will Set You Free!

Update on progress for the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: 240 days written!

Christopher Pierznik showed tremendous courage and selfless service when he wrote this article that appeared in the online magazine Medium today:
What Happens When Virtually No One Buys Your Book?

The fantasy persists that if we write our book, it will become a blockbuster bestseller. Christopher did have a Kindle hit with his book “The Hip-Hop 10,” published in 2013.

But the truth of publishing today is that, for the vast majority of authors, if they want to earn money, books must be just one part of a platform, which many authors do not want to hear. The fact is that most authors never earn more than $5,000 for the lifetime of their book. So if profit is your motive and you aren’t willing to create other products and services around your book, you may want to reconsider.

But, as Christopher’s article pointed out, many who write do so out of passion, not profit, and because they feel driven to communicate something to the world. While it may be disheartening when your sales do not match your passion, it’s important to remember that message to remind you of your original purpose.

3 thoughts on “And the Truth Will Set You Free!

  1. Thank you very much! Most of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, but a few comments were of the variety of “You need a better book cover!” and while that may be true, it wasn’t the point of the essay, as you wisely pointed out. I appreciate it greatly!

    • Hi Christopher,

      Thanks so much for writing. As you can see, I am in the midst of another book myself and really needed that amazing reminder of why we write. My last book was the only one that was traditionally published and it was a nightmare experience. They designed the cover from Hell and I had no say in it and as they were a library publisher, vastly overcharged. I cannot thank you enough for your honesty and willingness to share your experience.

      • I think it just proves that there is no guaranteed right way. It doesn’t really matter big publisher or self-published, great cover or awful, some things work and some things don’t. Best of luck to you and thank you again. All the best!

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