Annual Valentine’s Day Rant – 2015

Update on progress for the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: 222 days written!


If you read my previous Valentine’s Day post from 2014, you know that I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a manipulation by greeting card companies, jewelry stores, florists, and anyone else who thinks they can get money out of you on this fake holiday with violent roots.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day just makes singles feel lonely and couples feel guilty.

For compulsive debtors and spenders, guilt is often a driving force in spending more money than they can afford. I was grateful that I’ve stood my ground with my husband about not “celebrating” the day as I stood in line at the grocery store yesterday behind two men with double bouquets and cards. One grabbed a last minute box of candy cane cookies that matched the red of the card. Is this really how we show our love for each other?

I’m all for love and displays of affection. But as a recovering debtor, I don’t believe that spending money just because a marketing campaign tries to make me feel obligated is the sober way to express my love for my partner. In recovery, I know that buying out of pressure is not sane spending for me.

But, if you do insist on observing Valentine’s Day, why not create a tradition with your partner to exchange homemade gifts and cards, or make a special dinner at home instead of going out? What could be more loving than spending time to create something unique to celebrate your love instead of standing in line to buy the same tired old thing as everyone else?


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