Gratitude on Thanksgiving

I was inspired by a reading in the Ways and Means newsletter from 2nd Quarter 2012, page 7 where the author created an acrostic of the word “Solvent.” You can find this issue by going to and scrolling down to the link for the issue.

So in honor of this day, here is my own acrostic 🙂

Going to ANY length not to incur new unsecured debt
Recoiling as from a hot flame at the mention of Black Friday sales
Awareness that this is a time of year where stores try to inflame my disease
Taking time to meditate and connect with my Higher Power
Embracing those I love at Thanksgiving dinner, even those who are challenging, with a loving, compassionate heart
Focusing on seeing the good in my life today
Understanding that everything can’t always go my way nor can I control anyone else’s actions but my own
Letting go of my resentments just for today and allowing myself to feel the relief that brings

Thank you for walking this journey with me. I wish everyone a loving, peaceful, solvent Thanksgiving.


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