Potato Chips

“I can’t ask God to help me overcome my desire for potato chips when I’m finishing off another bag.” Page 84 Drop the Rock

That sums up Steps 6 & 7 in a nutshell. Perfect analogy. Yes, God CAN do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, but we still have to do our part. Our part may seem impossible, but that is just the fact of it.

  • If I never take the FIRST bite, I will never again have the binge.
  • If I never pick up the credit card, I will never debt.
  • If I live by my spending plan, I will never overspend.

Whether it’s a substance or behavior, we never again have to lose our recovery if we just don’t take the first “bite.” In DA, we commit to not debting no matter what and eliminate credit cards and all other sources of unsecured debt. In DA H.O.W., we further arm ourselves by committing every penny of spending before spending it. Even if we want to compulsively spend, by taking these actions, we endure … and ensure that, just for today, we continue our solvency.

By doing our part, by just not taking one small “bite,” we open the door for our Higher Power to remove the obsession for the drug or the behavior, which is an infinitely bigger accomplishment. And then we have a chance to truly experience a spiritual awakening, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But by not feeding the obsession and turning it into action, you are allowing your Higher Power to give you Grace and pause, which is often all we need to be restored to sanity.

God, help me to be willing to do my part to keep from compulsive debting. And help me to remember this admonition when I engage in other character defects.


3 thoughts on “Potato Chips

  1. I love the potato chip analogy! I guess the real challenge, sometimes, is knowing whether or not you have taken that first bite or if you have just made a justified purchase. Great blog and very professional!

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