DA Money Karma

This post is from a guest contributor:

I stopped incurring new unsecured debt one day at a time, even though it scared me to death because I thought I couldn’t provide for my needs without debting.
Ways and Means, 2009, quarter 3, page 8

I wanted to write about the concept of money karma. My first DA sponsor told me that I should start watching for examples of this. She told me that if I cared for my family’s money well, money would start coming from places I wouldn’t have predicted. I didn’t really believe her, but I “acted as if” (a 12-step program slogan). If I remember correctly, we did get a couple of small, unexpected checks in the mail that month.

Since then, I’ve come to believe that this does happen. I’ve watched numerous people in my DA network take their next right actions, even when it required a lot of faith to do so without debting, and the money and their needs just came together!

I work another 12 step program, but I think DA is where I see more obvious miracles. I have thorough records for the last 4 years, but, still, I can’t explain how we have enough money now for:

  • One of our children to be involved in a really expensive swim team
  • Me to be able to buy mostly organic produce (when I was buying only the absolute cheapest stuff when we came into program)
  • Savings that increase regularly, even though the only increases in salary have been to maintain a living wage.

So, today, I keep working this program. I am responsible for keeping my records as well as working the steps and the tools. I trust that my Higher Power knows how all of this is happening. And the result is that I see the amazing results of this work and partnership, be it called money karma, prosperity, or simply: enough.


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