Life on Life’s Terms

“Everyone did their part, even through the death of family members, health problems, job losses, and other ‘life on life’s terms’ events occurred as they would. The other committee members, through their integrity, open- mindedness, and humility, showed me the seriousness with which they took this service and the deep love and gratitude they felt for D.A.”
DA Ways and Means 2013, Quarter 1, Page 9

I love this quote. Life happens for all of us, but if I stay close to program with others, I manage to muddle through. I am grateful that the writer of this blog is helping it to continue rather than letting it die when life changes arose. I continue to learn about how to balance service to our program with my own limitations, and I’m grateful that it can be something to be open about rather than something that causes me shame, as I used to feel before finding DA.

I feel deep love and gratitude for DA, and for getting to use the tools as DA-HOW teaches me. Four and a half years ago, I couldn’t sleep through the night because I was so worried about how we were going to pay for various regular expenses like groceries, let alone any unexpected expenses. I hid credit card bills when they came in, paid one credit card with another, and spent LOTS of time looking for the deal. I shopped many grocery stores, making sure to only buy various items where they were cheapest. I worked nights and weekends to supplement our income.

I was able to stop working outside the home within six months of starting DA with no significant changes besides just working the tools and steps. I now use my energy in very different ways than going to many stores and finding the cheapest way to buy something. I can roll with life on life’s terms. A good friend’s funeral was on Valentine’s Day, 20 years ago. I had to ask my parents for money to go, even though I was working full-time at that time. Today, if any emergency like that happened, we have the funds to deal with it. We could focus on the event, not the money.

DA has brought such gifts into my life, and I take it very seriously. The DA-HOW way of staying connected to my program daily helps me to really reap the benefits of this amazing program. Thank you for these many gifts.


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