Writing and Service

“I believe my writing ability is a gift from my Higher Power and one that can benefit my fellowships.” Ways and Means 2013, Quarter 1, Page 9

Funny to read this the same day I decided to help out with writing on the “Getting Out From Going Under” blog. I’ve been told that I have some ability to write, and even though it’s not an activity I would ever do for pleasure, I do it daily, every single day, thanks to working the discipline of DA-HOW. Writing allows me to reconnect with my Higher Power at points in my day. It also allows me to see patterns in my life and receive new insights. But, many days, it’s also simply an act of surrender. I’m told I need to do this to recover, so I do it. The fact that I don’t wait until I’m inspired has helped me to really “work the steps” because I don’t know if I’d often be inspired to do hard work like that.

And, this blog has become so important to me. Getting a new posting a couple times a week has helped me remember that I’m not doing this alone, even though sometimes I feel a little crazy that I need to read and write every day, pre-commit my spending, make at least one call a day , get to a DA-HOW meeting every week, keep my records diligently, and work this program as if my life depends on it, because it does.

I am grateful for the compulsive debtor who started this blog, and grateful for the ways it has enriched my life. I’ve sent links to the blog to many people, sometimes to the general site, sometimes to specific writings. Part of how I work this program is to do service soberly, so I am grateful that I can do this service of posting and help both myself and perhaps some other compulsive debtors who are out there doing this with me.

If you’re out there reading this, consider taking time to write a blog post, or just turn a daily writing into a blog post (which is what I did with this post). We are a community of people who need to write, so let’s keep this blog going by working together to remind each other we’re not alone.

DA-HOW has transformed my life. My family is happier, I am less crazy, and we have so much financial freedom. We are so lucky to have this program!

If you are interested in sharing your experience, strength, and hope on the Getting Out From Going Under blog, please send an email to moneysober at gmail dot com.


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