YNAB Interview

A few months ago, Jesse Mecham, founder of YNAB, asked if I would do an interview to give his listeners an understanding of how debting can be an addiction, from a compulsive debtor’s perspective, and to share my experience, strength, and hope about how Debtor’s Anonymous can help. Further, I wanted to explain how the YNAB software is a great tool for compulsive debtors to use to maintain their spending plan and track their numbers. (If you read this blog, then you know that I believe YNAB has been instrumental in my DA recovery.)

This interview is now up on their YNAB podcasting page:

“057 – When Debt is an Addiction. – In this interview, I speak with Linda I (psuedonym), a Debtor’s Anonymous participant. The program deserves a serious look if you, or someone you know, has a serious debt addiction.”

Please note that I did not act as a representative from Debtors Anonymous, but as an anonymous member who is using this wonderful software to manage the physical part of my recovery, and I spoke only for myself.

I do not receive any material gain from YNAB. I bought the software in 2009 based on the recommendation of other DA members, and I do not receive any royalties or other financial or material consideration from the company for my exuberant endorsement. I just love this product and how it has enhanced my recovery from compulsive debting.

What’s great is that they give you a 30 day trial to test the software and you don’t have to give them any payment information while you do so. If you want to give YNAB a try, go to http://www.ynab.com. Plus, they have a fabulous community of generous users who can answer any questions you have, as well as great training resources. FYI – the software is incredibly user-friendly, so please don’t be afraid to try it. That is the point of YNAB, to provide an easy, simple way to manage the complexities of a spending plan.

Oh, and just one favor. If you do recognize my voice on the podcast, please respect my anonymity by not sharing my identity with other members. 🙂


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