Bucket Lists

Recently, I was talking to my best friend about our respective bucket lists. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a bucket list contains everything you want to do or accomplish before you die. (A fun movie about this is called, “The Bucket List.”)

For instance, my friend has accomplished some amazing things on hers, such as jumping out of an airplane and scuba diving. She flew to Dubai to meet a man who seemed like he’d be the love of her life (unfortunately, she wasn’t his – but don’t worry, she did finally meet the right one … at work … and they are happily married

On my old bucket list, my only accomplishment was to get traditionally published … and that turned out to be a disappointment in the end. I never went to India, never became a a famous writer, radio host, talk show host, or minister. Never became a death midwife or harp therapist.

The fact is that all the truly fabulous things that happened to me in my life, like having my son, were not planned at all. Bucket lists are like visions for me right now … not really productive and just a way to beat myself up.

My life has become far more meaningful in DA and even with my illness than ever before as I live in the now and spend time each day doing something that brings me joy. This morning, my sponsor said that just as people in DA have abused the right to make financial decisions, so, too, some of us have abused our right to make decisions about business and success. I am surely one of them. So I look to my network, sponsor, and PRG’s to help me move slowly when I want to shift in that direction always remembering that my health and abstinence are most important.

Just for today, if you are frustrated by a lack of progress toward your goals whether due to illness, lack of money, or for any other reason, ask your Higher Power to help you to stay right-sized and in gratitude for all you have and accept that your life is in the here and now, not in the future. And then, find something you can do today that will bring you joy.


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