Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day for focusing on being grateful. In DA recovery, we strive for gratitude every day. Seeking to find within ourselves, and expressing, gratitude is an integral part of all 12 Step programs.

The DA promises state: “9. Acceptance and Gratitude will replace regret, self pity and longing.”

Many of us who have been through the steps do a daily 10th Step and list our gratitudes as part of that process to remind ourselves that we are reaping the benefits of our spiritual work no matter what other difficulties we may encounter.

If you are not yet at Step 10, it is especially important to begin listing daily gratitudes. This way, when the going gets tough, you are developing the habit of looking at the glass as half full, which many addicts are not used to doing!

So, if you have not thought about beginning such a practice, tomorrow, or even today, can be a great time to start. If you want additional food for thought, read this story from the DA website called The 12 Steps Lead From Desperation Debting To Daily Gratitude

Have a very happy Thanksgiving. Sending you all joy, peace, freedom from suffering, and wishes for your continued solvency.


One thought on “Thanksgiving & Gratitude

  1. Thank you for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day post. The reminder to focus on gratitude, and how our addiction can pull us into negativity, is very helpful! I am very grateful for you, and this blog, in my life and sharing this road of recovery with you too. Have a blessed Thanksgiving day. – Candace S.

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