Fighting with the Pharmacy

To make a long story short, I changed insurance providers, which changed my mail order pharmacy. Unbeknownst to me, they contacted my doctor for a refill I didn’t order AFTER my account should have been terminated, sent it to me, and charged my account $78.39!

After being told basically, “too bad for you,” the nice supervisor (third one’s a charm) agreed that I shouldn’t have to pay for this. She sent a mailer, I returned the product, and she credited my account.

This, in itself, is a DA lesson for me. I was patient and persistent, didn’t lose my mind and scream at anyone. It took a weeks to get this resolved. I even told her supervisor that she did a great job. Well, done for me, right?

But, sadly, that is not where this story ends.

For some unknown reason, the company has since charged me $78.39 two additional times AFTER she credited my account. So now, I’m out $156.78.

Here is where the true miracle begins for me. I have enough money in my account that, bad as this is, I have no concerns that I will be overdrawn! Because of DA, my account is filled with prudent reserve, contingency, accumulated categories, and the money for the current month, all while getting a small, but gratifying bit of interest each month. Not to mention the fact that it is because of the clarity of this program that I caught this error immediately because I update my numbers regularly!

How amazing this is for a compulsive, disorganized spender and debtor!

So while I’m frustrated and annoyed, I’m not panicked that they will wipe out my checking account.

And to continue with miracles, I was unable to reach the lady who helped me with the credit, though I’ve left multiple messages over two days. I got another representative who said there is no record of these charges. She advised me to fax a copy of the bank statement over to the Accounts Receivable department, though she couldn’t put me through to a person.

My old reaction would have been to explode at her. How dare she not do what I want. The new me thanked her, and followed up with the fax.

I next spoke to my bank and we agreed that we will give it until Wednesday for the company to make it right. There will be lots of paperwork, and I will need a new debit card, but I will get my money back eventually even if the pharmacy blows me off.

Still, I feel my blood start to boil when I think about it. But because I am doing my best to work my program, I know that is dangerous for me. So I am quietly not stoking the embers and doing the next right thing. And finally, to be willing to sit in the discomfort until next week is new learned behavior for me.

The truth is, what more would I get by going off on anyone about this issue? In the end, what I want is my money refunded. And I am going to get that. By calmly persisting initially, after being told it was not their problem, I did get the initial credit. And there is no question I will get the money, so there is no point in feeding my gut fear reaction.

Claire Weekes wrote a fabulous book about anxiety called, “Hope and Help for Your Nerves.” In it she talks about how the first feelings of anxiety or panic or anger come upon us unbidden and seemingly automatically. We cannot control the initial panic or fear. But what we CAN do is not make it worse by nurturing and adding to the anxiety.

So here I sit, with this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach, with this situation just hanging out there, not knowing if they will put through yet another charge. But I am acting with integrity and have no amends to make (well, so far, anyway). As long as I don’t give in to these feelings with the delusion that blowing up will make me feel better, then, all this will pass and resolve.

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