Sovency and Abstinence

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there are some in DA who take issue with the way we work the tools in DA HOW and one of the complaints is that we use the word abstinence instead of solvency.

However, I found this definition on the Debtors Anonymous Telephone Intergroup website:

We use Abstinence and Solvency to have the same meaning: not incurring unsecured debt one day at a time. Unsecured debt is any debt that is not backed up by some form of collateral, such as a car, house, etc.

Debtors Anonymous Telephone Intergroup (DATIG) suggests that Abstinence or Solvency is the following:

  • Not borrowing money without collateral
  • Not using Credit Cards
  • Paying bills on time
  • Paying for Services when we receive them, except when there is a written agreement
  • Not writing bad checks
  • Not stealing

It makes me sad that there are people who feel that those working their program through the H.O.W. format are somehow not a part of DA. All we are doing is rigorously working the DA tools in a way that works for us.

Clearly, there is no one path to recovery even within any 12 step program, but we all share a common goal. As it says in the Debtors Anonymous Preamble:

“The only requirement for membership in Debtors Anonymous is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt.”

And that goal is what brings us together.

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