Split Transactions with Both Inflows and Outflows

Sometimes, we have a transaction where we both spend and receive money at the same time. What are examples of such transactions?

  1. Paychecks have both income and also expenses taken out for such items as health insurance and taxes. The income is Inflow and the taxes are Outflow.
  2. I split the utilities with my husband. We keep our money separate, which works out for me with my program.
    • My husband pays all the utility bills during the month.
    • He repays me for food and other items that we split that I purchase during the month .

    At the beginning of the next month, my husband gives me an itemized final total of his portion and my portion and I give him one check to pay my bill. Because we did this long before I was in DA, my husband was resistant to changing this method. Therefore, I have cleared this arrangement with my sponsor to agree that this is not a debt, but a payment arrangement between us.
    Note: There are DA challenges unique to marriage and partnership. I will discuss those in a future post.

Here is a screenshot showing a split transaction with my husband (click the image to enlarge it):

Notice that the last two items are listed as Inflow. Following the instructions from the previous post on creating split transactions, you would simply enter the amounts received in the Inflow. Again, make sure the Amount remaining to assign is zero before clicking the Save button.

Here is a dummy example of a paycheck entered into YNAB (click the image to enlarge it). Some people prefer to enter all items and others only enter the net amount received (that was how I used to do it). But it is another good example of how to enter split transactions with inflow and outflow.

Notice that the Paycheck line has a category of Split. The total (gross) is $1,500. Federal taxes and health insurance are listed in Outflow. In this case, there is nothing else outstanding (for instance, you may have a 401K deduction).

On the fourth line, the category is Income for October. But I have not yet entered that number. So notice that in the Amount remaining to assign, it says $1625 under the Inflow column. When I type in $1625, the Amount remaining to assign will be zero. In this case, $1625 is my net pay.

Also note that the amount remaining to assign will show up under Outflow if the initial amount is listed as an expense in Outflow and in Inflow if the initial expense is listed as Inflow.

Once there is nothing left to assign, click the Save button to finish entering the transaction.


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