I Got a Passport!

Now, you may be wondering what the heck this has to do with Debtors Anonymous recovery. Well, the fact that I saved for this for 17 months is one thing. I saved $10/month. The first month, I put in $19.

I am not used to delaying gratification. For the most part, even in recovery, I manage to scrap up the money from overage in various categories to get what I want when I want it. Or I give up and say forget about it.

I didn’t even think about how significant this was until my sponsor mentioned it. She told me that, in her experience, by taking the action of saving even the smallest amount toward something we want, it starts the ball rolling toward achieving that goal.

The passport only cost $150 total. What about something that costs a lot more. A close friend in program told me she started out a number of years ago by putting in $5 per month toward savings and now has over $25,000 because other money came that was able to supplement that savings.

Being an addict, I am still skeptical despite all evidence. However, I have heard enough other members talk about similar experiences to know that it can’t hurt to try.

So if there is something you want that seems out of reach, see if you can put just $1/month toward it. Time will pass whether you save toward it or not. Why not start the ball rolling and see what happens?


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